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Bee Rescue: Live Swarm / Hive Removals

We specialize in live, safe and non-toxic bee swarm and bee hive removal by capturing the bees - the good ol' fashioned way- and safely rehoming them to a Bee-Friendly yard. Did you know one pound of bee comb can hold eight pounds of honey? We make sure to remove all bee products (honey, pollen, nectar, comb)  thus reducing the likelihood of returning bees and ensuring you won't have any pest problems later. Plus, bee rehoming is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and agriculturally sound.


Cut-Outs w/Rehoming

When your bees go from an outside swarm, to an established hive let us help you, help the bees. 

We offer interior and exterior cut-outs to remove bees from closed or hard to access locations. We will carefully capture the bees, remove bee products, clean the hive area, and rehome the bees to a BEE-Friendly  yard. 

Are you interested in hosting a bee hive in your yard and reaping the benefits of hundreds of pollinators in your garden, all while helping to save the bees? If so, contact us below in the "Drop Us a Line" section.


Payments Options

Cost for swarm and hive removals vary depending on many factors, such as: accessibility, temperament of bees, complexity of location, and use of construction tools.

Donations for the Bee Rescue are always welcome.

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